Safeguarding Hospitality: 8″ Bollard Installation at a Local Hotel

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A prominent local hotel faced a growing concern over the safety of its infrastructure and guests due to the tight parking spaces leading to occasional accidental collisions with the building. To address this issue, the hotel management decided to take a proactive step to protect their property and ensure the safety of their guests and their vehicles.

The Challenge

The hotel’s parking lot layout, characterized by limited maneuvering space, posed a risk of accidental vehicle impact on the building, particularly around the entrance and walkways. This not only threatened the structural integrity of the hotel but also the safety of guests. The challenge was to implement a solution that would mitigate these risks without impeding the flow of traffic or the aesthetic appeal of the hotel.

Solution: Bollard Installation

The hotel turned to National Barricade & Sign Co. for a dependable solution. The company suggested the installation of high-impact bollards as an effective way to prevent vehicles from coming into unintended contact with the building. The bollards would act as a physical barrier, absorbing and deflecting any potential impacts from vehicles.


National Barricade & Sign Co. conducted a comprehensive site evaluation, identifying the key areas where bollards were most needed. The team then proceeded with the following steps:

  1. Site Preparation: Excavating the selected areas to create stable foundations for the bollards.
  2. Bollard Placement: Positioning the bollards at strategic points to maximize protection without obstructing traffic.
  3. Installation: Embedding the bollards into deep, reinforced concrete footings to ensure they could withstand vehicle impacts without yielding.
  4. Visibility Measures: Painting the bollards bright yellow with reflective striping to ensure they were noticeable to drivers, even in low-light conditions.


The installation of bollards has significantly improved the safety of the hotel’s parking lot. The bollards have effectively prevented any further accidental contact between vehicles and the building, reducing the risk of property damage and enhancing overall guest safety. The bright color and strategic placement of the bollards also serve as a guide for drivers, facilitating safer navigation through the tight parking spaces.

Client and Guest Feedback

The hotel management has reported complete satisfaction with the bollard installation, noting a marked reduction in minor accidents and property damage claims. Guests have also expressed appreciation for the added safety measures, which have made them feel more secure when parking their vehicles.


The bollard installation project at the local hotel is a testament to the effectiveness of well-planned safety enhancements in hospitality settings. National Barricade & Sign Co.’s expertise in safety installations has provided the hotel with a practical solution to a potentially costly and dangerous problem, further establishing the company’s reputation as a leader in safety and security solutions.

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