Elephant Armor: The Revolutionary Curb & Sidewalk Repair Solution

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Elephant Armor® works by providing a high-performance, fiber-reinforced mortar solution that imparts high tensile and flexural strength to the repair site. Its unique formula allows for it to be applied to damaged surfaces, ensuring a durable bond that resists further degradation. The product is designed to be easy to apply, quick to set, and long-lasting, making it suitable for heavy-duty infrastructure repairs.


Curb damage is a common issue in urban and suburban areas, particularly at street corners and along curves. This damage is often exacerbated by heavy vehicles like trucks making tight turns. The weight and movement of these vehicles can apply significant stress to the curb, leading to cracks, chipping, and even structural weakening over time.

Curb damage significantly impacts the elderly, blind, and handicapped by creating safety hazards. For the elderly, uneven or broken curbs can increase the risk of falls due to their less stable mobility and slower reaction times. For the blind, inconsistent curb conditions disrupt tactile cues essential for navigation, leading to potential disorientation and accidents. For the handicapped, especially wheelchair users, damaged curbs can hinder movement and access, making it challenging to cross streets safely. Thus, maintaining well-kept curbs is crucial for their safety and mobility.

The Challenge:

The deteriorating curb was more than an aesthetic issue; it was a safety concern, demanding a solution that would offer longevity and resilience.

Removing and repouring concrete for curb repair is a notably expensive process. This cost stems from multiple factors including labor, materials, and the time required to complete the project. Labor costs are significant due to the skilled work involved in demolition and reconstruction. Additionally, the price of concrete and related materials add to the expense. The process also often requires the area to be closed off for an extended period, potentially disrupting traffic and local business, leading to indirect costs. Elephant Armor® offers a more cost-efficient alternative by reducing these labor and material expenses and minimizing disruption.


National Barricade and Sign Co. recently showcased Elephant Armor’s effectiveness in sidewalk repair through a practical demonstration. The event focused on the product’s efficiency in fixing cracks and damage, underscoring its durability for real-world use. Highlighting its potential as a transformative solution for long-lasting sidewalk repairs, the demonstration also introduced Elephant Armor as a promising option for curb restoration, thanks to its robust fiber-reinforced mortar composition. This highlighted its ability to meet infrastructure maintenance challenges effectively.

Because of Elephant Armor’s effectiveness in repairing cracks in concrete sidewalks and curbs, warehouse floors, and loading docks, its fiber-reinforced mortar formula provides exceptional strength, making it ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic and environmental stress.

National Barricade and Sign Co’s Implementation:

A team of seasoned workers equipped with knowledge of the specific application process for Elephant Armor® tackled the curb repair task. Adhering to the guidelines, they prepared the surface meticulously, ensuring it was clean and sound for optimal adhesion. Mixing the product with precision, they applied it with an understanding of its quick-setting nature and the need for timely workmanship. Their expertise allowed them to navigate the product’s unique properties, guaranteeing a repair that would not only withstand the rigors of time and traffic but also integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure.


The result was a curb not just restored but reinforced, ready to face the future with newfound strength.

Community Feedback:

The community’s reaction to the curb restoration was one of quiet satisfaction. They observed the improvements with a sense of contentment, appreciating the renewed safety and visual appeal of their street corner. The successful repair not only enhanced the curb’s functionality but also subtly lifted the neighborhood’s spirit, reflecting a collective sense of fulfillment in seeing their environment cared for and maintained.


In this case study’s conclusion, it’s important to recognize how Elephant Armor® not only offered a superior repair solution but also presented a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Removing and repouring concrete is often a costly and time-intensive process. In contrast, Elephant Armor® provided a more economical and efficient approach, saving both time and resources. This underscores the product’s advantage in delivering durable, high-quality repairs without the significant expenses associated with conventional curb reconstruction.

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