Securing the Water Department with an Emergency Temporary Fence

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Immediate Action After Incident

Unexpectedly, a vehicle collision compromised the Spokane Water Department’s pump house security. Consequently, there was an immediate demand for a quick and secure solution to safeguard the vulnerable site.

Addressing the Urgent Need

Faced with the urgency of the situation, the Spokane Water Department required a robust, temporary fencing solution posthaste. In response, National Barricade & Sign Co. leapt into action, providing a swift assessment and prompt installation of temporary fencing to guarantee the site’s safety and uninterrupted operations.

The Challenge

The Spokane Water Department urgently needed a sturdy, temporary fencing solution to protect its pump house after the accident. National Barricade & Sign Co. quickly responded, providing a rapid assessment and immediate installation of temporary fencing to ensure the site’s safety and ongoing operations.

National Barricade & Sign Co.’s Rapid Response

With efficiency, National Barricade & Sign Co. undertook the following decisive actions:

  1. Rapid Damage Assessment: The team wasted no time in arriving on-site to gauge the damage’s severity.
  2. Selective Material Choice: They chose strong, temporary fence panels designed for rapid assembly and capable of withstanding additional impacts.
  3. Speedy Installation: The company quickly erected the fence panels, effectively restoring the security perimeter around the pump house.
  4. Safety Enhancements: They ensured the temporary fencing was highly visible and stable, averting the possibility of further incidents or security breaches.


Thanks to the company’s prompt response, a secure temporary fence was in place in no time, ensuring the pump house remained safe until the permanent fence could be fixed.

Client Feedback

The Spokane Water Department lauded National Barricade & Sign Co. for their swift and adept handling of the emergency. Indeed, the company’s expedient measures were vital in reducing operational downtime and ensuring the safety of the department’s assets.


Ultimately, National Barricade & Sign Co.’s readiness to deliver quick and reliable solutions in the face of emergencies underscores the importance of having seasoned professionals available for such critical situations. The successful temporary fencing installation at the Spokane Water Department is a testament to their expertise in meeting urgent safety needs effectively.

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