Bike Lane / Sidewalk Bollard

The Heavy Hitter TD5428 Bollard is a ground-mounted, reboundable bollard designed for traffic management and safety. It is ideal for use in various settings like bike lanes, parking lots, bus lanes, center medians, pedestrian walkways, and transit hubs. This bollard serves as a visual deterrent and is effective in shaping traffic flow, defining perimeters, calming traffic, and separating pedestrians and bicycles from motorized traffic.

It features two 4-inch bands of reflective sheeting for high visibility, especially at night. The bollard is constructed from UV-resistant and impact-resistant materials, with 100% recycled content. Its unique embedded anchor, made from a super-strong polymer, ensures maximum adhesion to roadways while remaining removable. This anchor, combined with a steel bolt, is designed to prevent fusing, a common issue in other designs. The bollard is resilient, rebounding to an upright position after impacts, and offers a variety of color options for customization.

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