Repair Mortar

Elephant Armor® Repair Mortar by GST International is a revolutionary cementitious repair and overlay product for infrastructure maintenance. It’s a single-component, fiber-based mortar without polymers, offering high tensile and flexural strength due to its unique fiber-loaded, patented design matrix. This product stands out for its ability to be applied over severely damaged surfaces, significantly reducing spalling and delamination risks in high-traffic areas. Its durability and efficiency make it an ideal solution for repairing and restoring various infrastructure elements.

  • It’s engineered for high strength and flexibility, suitable for application over broken or degraded surfaces.
  • Elephant Armor® is environmentally friendly, with a low carbon footprint and reduced landfill waste.
  • It’s versatile, ideal for concrete walkways, driveways, bridges, parking structures, and more.

Elephant Armor Repair Mortar offers superior performance compared to traditional patching methods primarily due to its innovative formulation. Unlike standard patching materials that may lack flexibility or strength, Elephant Armor Repair Mortar is designed with a unique fiber-loaded matrix that provides exceptional tensile and flexural strength. This ensures enhanced durability and a longer lifespan for the repairs. Additionally, its ability to adhere to severely damaged surfaces reduces the risks of spalling and delamination, making it a more reliable and effective solution for infrastructure maintenance and repair.

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