Drum with Collar

Reliable Channelizer Drums for Washington & Oregon Roadways

Ensuring seamless and safe traffic flow in the diverse terrains of Washington and Oregon demands the highest-quality equipment. If you’re frustrated with drum tops and bases that don’t align, snap easily, or fail to stay intact, we bring you the perfect solution with our selection of channelizer drum bases. Compatible with a wide variety of drum tops, even those you might have bought years back, these bases offer the versatility and reliability you’ve been seeking.

Durable Construction: Whether it’s rugged high-density polyethylene or impact-resistant low-density polyethylene, these drums are built to last.

Key Features:

  • Stability and Size: A consistent width of at least 18″ throughout its 36″ height ensures stability in all conditions.
  • Efficient Design: Tapered construction allows easy stacking, with or without lights, and a “D” shaped design minimizes post-impact rolling.
  • Resilient Build: With gentle curves eliminating sharp edges, these drums resist cracks and breakage upon impact.
  • Functional and Versatile: Built-in handles for easy transport, two mounting holes for barricade lights, and a bright orange hue with UV inhibitors to resist fading make these drums an essential choice.
  • Regulation Compliant: Tested and approved to meet or exceed MUTCD specifications, ensuring adherence to stringent safety standards.
  • Enhanced Base: A 100% recycled rubber base ensures durability, coupled with enhanced “gription” that resists movement from passing vehicles.
  • Lighting: Optional warning lights available

Choose these channelizer drums for reliable, long-lasting, and consistent performance on the roads of Washington and Oregon.