900 Series Vehicle Beacons

The 900 and 950 Series strobe lights are well-suited for highway applications, offering economical and large lighting solutions. These lights are designed to excel on the road, featuring a smooth outer dome (dust cover), an inner fresnel lens, a stainless steel clamp ring, and an ABS plastic base. They provide powerful and attention-getting illumination and come in single, double, or quad flash displays, available in both AC and DC voltage configurations. The 950 Series stands out with its linear bulb, which ensures superior brightness to the front and rear of the vehicle.


  • Lens Color: Select from a variety of lens colors, including Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, and Red, to suit your application or personal preferences.
  • Operating Voltage: These lights operate effectively at both 12V and 24V, offering versatility for different power sources.
  • Rated Current: The lights have a rated current of 1.5 Amperes, indicating their power consumption.
  • Flashes per Minute (FPM): Each unit produces an impressive 75 double flashes per minute (DF), making them ideal for effective signaling.
  • Light Output: These lights emit a powerful light output of 750 candelas per second, ensuring high visibility.
  • Joule Rating – Output Energy: With a substantial 15.25 Joules of output energy, they deliver compelling illumination.
  • Mounting: Designed for permanent mounting, providing stability and security.
  • Dimensions: With an 8-inch diameter and a height of 8.25 inches, these lights offer a balance between size and performance.
  • Bulb Part #: The bulb part number is ST-77, ensuring compatibility.
  • UL Listed: These lights are not UL listed.

The 900 and 950 Series strobe lights are ideal for highway applications, offering cost-effective, bright, and durable lighting solutions. Consider these features when selecting the lights from the 900 and 950 Series that best match your specific requirements.