Break Away Sign Posts

National Barricade & Sign Company is Washington State’s proud distributor for Sign Support Systems Break-Out sign post.  Just a few advantages of Break-Out are listed below. For additional information please visit SignSupports.
    • Breaks flush with grade
    • Allows for permanent reuse of the post anchor
    • Only 3 main parts
    • Breaks away with constant force from any angle
    • Knocked down sign posts can be repaired and reused in minutes
    • Withstands high wind forces
Surface Mount

  • Can be used with square, round or u-channel posts
  • Can be impacted and reused
  • Use when core drilling or when driving methods are not suitable
Break-Out Coupler

  • Available for round, square or u-channel posts
  • Breaks Flush with grade
  • Permanent reuse of the post anchor
  • 360 degree breakaway point
  • NCHRP 350 tested and FHWA approved
Break-Out Square with Coupler

  • Modular anchor is flush with concrete grade
  • Coupler breaks flush with concrete
  • Upright attaches directly to coupler
  • Visit Sign Supports for more info


Modular Anchor Adapter

  • Reusable anchor mounts flush with grade
  • Install in 4″ or more of concrete or with extensions for asphalt
  • Works with all break-out couplers

  • Use with soft soil or weak asphalt
  • Attaches to any point of the modular anchor
  • Spring tension attachment prevent blades from projecting above grade
Complete Anchor

  • Modular anchor with stabilizer and extension
  • Provides strength at the top of the anchor
  • Attaches to modular anchor without welds or fasteners