Securing Local Assets: Bollard Installation at a Spokane Storage Facility

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In a bustling Spokane neighborhood, a local storage facility faced a common dilemma: ensuring the protection of their property and customers’ belongings from potential vehicular accidents or unauthorized access. The management recognized the need for a physical security measure that would deter such incidents without compromising the facility’s accessibility.

The Challenge

The storage facility, characterized by its extensive perimeter and multiple access points, required a robust yet unobtrusive solution. The challenge was to install a security system that would seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure, provide the necessary protection, and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the property.

National Barricade & Sign Co.’s Solution

National Barricade & Sign Co. was approached to undertake this critical task. Known for their expertise in safety installations, they recommended a series of bollards as the ideal solution to the facility’s needs. These bollards were to be strategically placed to protect buildings, pedestrian pathways, and critical access points.

Implementation Process

The installation process involved several key steps:

  1. Site Assessment: National Barricade & Sign Co.’s team conducted a detailed assessment of the facility, mapping out high-risk areas and planning the bollard placement.
  2. Selection of Bollards: Based on the assessment, they chose high-strength bollards capable of withstanding significant impact forces while also being visible to drivers.
  3. Groundwork Preparation: The team prepared the installation sites, ensuring stable foundations for the bollards.
  4. Installation: The bollards were securely installed into the ground with reinforced concrete, ensuring they would remain firmly in place even upon impact.
  5. Visibility Enhancement: The bollards were enhanced with bright yellow bollard covers with reflective striping, making them easily noticeable at any time of day or night.


The bollard installation has been a resounding success. The facility now boasts a series of high-visibility, durable bollards that act as a physical deterrent against vehicle intrusion while also serving as a visual guide for drivers. The management has reported increased peace of mind regarding the safety of their property and their clients’ stored items.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the storage facility have commended the new installations, appreciating the added sense of security and the maintenance of convenient access to their storage units. The facility’s management has praised National Barricade & Sign Co. for their efficiency, expertise, and the quality of the installed bollards.


This project serves as a prime example of how thoughtful, well-executed installations of safety equipment can enhance the security of a property. National Barricade & Sign Co.’s bollard installation at the Spokane storage facility has not only met the client’s needs but also set a benchmark for property safety and security in the region.

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