Variable Text Roll Up Sign System

Discover the versatility of Rollup Signs in work zones across the State of Washington, offering a dynamic solution for closing ramps, roads, and traffic lanes during construction and maintenance projects.

Key Features:

  • High Visibility: Rollup signs are crafted from fluorescent orange reflective vinyl material, ensuring maximum visibility even in low-light conditions. This heightened visibility is vital for the safety of both workers and motorists in work zones.
  • Organized Storage: Included with the rollup sign is a heavy-duty storage bag with labeled interior pockets. This thoughtful design not only protects but also organizes overlays, streamlining your work zone setup and maintenance.
  • Convenient Accessories: The rollup sign comes equipped with sewn pockets, hook and loop strips for overlays, two anti-kiting straps, and a hook and loop strap for storage. These accessories enhance the ease of use and functionality of the sign.
  • Stand Suggestions: For optimal performance, we recommend using either the UniFlex™ compact single spring stand or the DynaLite™ compact no-spring stand in conjunction with the rollup sign. These stand options provide stability and support, ensuring that your sign remains secure and visible in various work zone conditions.

In the State of Washington, where work zone safety is paramount, Rollup Signs offer a flexible and reliable solution for conveying important messages to drivers. Their high visibility, organized storage, and compatibility with recommended sign stands make them a valuable asset for maintaining order and safety in work zones. Explore the benefits of rollup signs and elevate your work zone safety measures to new heights.

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