Square Tube Sign Post

The Ultimate Sign Support System! Traffic signs are the primary source of information for motorists, but even the biggest and brightest sign is only effective if the support it is mounted on keeps the sign in its intended position. Sign support needs to be strong, versatile, and cost effective. The Ulti-Mate Sign Support System, approved by the Federal Highway Administration, is the most reliable, economical and easiest to install support system available.

  • Compatible with all existing square posts
  • Mating tube sections allow for fast, safe, ground-level installations
  • Ground anchor posts allow for rapid replacement installations when necessary
  • Square tube sections provide superior resistance to wind and other forces over U- channel or round posts
  • The Ulti-Mate Sign Support System provides four flat surfaces for mounting signs in any direction and at any height without the need for additional hardware
  • FHWA approved as meeting safety requirements for sign supports