Type III Plastic Barricade

Explore the benefits of Type III Plastic Barricades in work zones across the State of Washington and discover why plastic barricades are a cost-effective choice:

Enhanced Durability: Type III Plastic Barricades are reinforced with ribs in the uprights, providing extra strength that reduces bending and warping, even in hot climates. This durability ensures that the barricades remain effective and reliable in various weather conditions.

UV Stabilizer Polymer Alloys: All plastic materials used in these barricades are manufactured from specially formulated UV Stabilizer Polymer Alloys, incorporating our exclusive Cold Weather Protection Package. This advanced technology guarantees longevity and resilience, making these barricades a cost-effective investment.

Lightweight and Easy Assembly: These barricades are known for their lightweight construction, which simplifies handling and assembly. Their ease of setup contributes to cost savings through reduced labor time and increased efficiency.

Internal Support for Hollow Core Boards: The inclusion of an endcap for the TD2400 board provides internal support, eliminating tightening problems commonly encountered with hollow core plastic boards. This feature ensures stability and reliability during use.

Breakaway Base for Added Safety: Utilizing Unistrut’s Telespar Tubing, these barricades come with a Breakaway Base feature. This safety innovation ensures that the base yields upon impact, minimizing the risk of accidents and vehicle damage.

In the State of Washington, where work zone safety and cost efficiency are paramount, Type III Plastic Barricades offer a reliable solution. Their durability, UV-resistant materials, ease of assembly, and safety features make them a cost-effective choice for maintaining order and safety in work zones. Explore the advantages of plastic barricades and enhance your work zone safety measures while optimizing costs.

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