Type III Breakaway Barricade

  • Explore the advantages of Type III Breakaway Post Barricades in work zones throughout the State of Washington, and discover why these innovative barricades are essential for enhancing safety and efficiency:Versatile Configurations: Type III barricades offer flexibility in purchasing options, whether as fully assembled units or individual component parts. This adaptability empowers you to customize barricades to suit the unique requirements of your work zone.Individual Leg and Board Selection: You have the freedom to purchase legs and boards separately, allowing for precise configuration based on your project’s specific needs.

    Interchangeable Components: All components of the TD2550 barricades are fully interchangeable, simplifying maintenance and ensuring seamless customization.

    Breakaway Technology for Enhanced Safety: Breakaway Type III Works Barricades feature Unistrut’s Telespar tubing with a breakaway base, bracket, and detachable feet. This innovative breakaway technology offers several key advantages:

    • Enhanced Vehicle Safety: The breakaway base yields upon impact from vehicles, minimizing the potential for severe accidents and enhancing safety for both motorists and workers in the work zone.
    • Efficient Assembly and Storage: Easily detachable feet simplify transportation, assembly, and storage of barricades, streamlining work zone logistics.
    • Stabilizer for Added Security: Barricade models with a width of 8 feet or more include an anti-rotation stabilizer bar between uprights, ensuring increased stability, particularly in larger barricades. This promotes safer work zones.

    In the State of Washington, where work zone safety is of paramount importance, Type III Breakaway Post Barricades prove to be invaluable assets. Their adaptability, breakaway technology, and enhanced safety features make them a top choice for maintaining order and safety in work zones. Explore the benefits of breakaway post barricades and elevate your work zone safety standards.

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