Parade Barricades

The O-frame is a versatile “parade-style” barricade that functions as a Type I or Type II barricade.  It accepts both our 1 x 8-inch T3B panel, our 2 x 8-inch Parade Panel, as well as dimensional lumber.

O-Frame barricades are designed for low-speed municipal applications including crowd control, parking control and plank box utility closures.  They are ideal for cordoning off an area during public events.  The O-Frame provides a continuous edge detectable by pedestrians using a long cane for guidance. The bottom of the panel is less than 2.5 inches (62 mm) above the ground. It reduces Trip Hazard for Pedestrians. The O-Frame legs project from panel less than 4 inches as recommended by ADA (Section 4.4.1 of ADAAG regulations).


Key Features of the O-Frame

  • Accommodates 1″ or 2″ plastic or wood panels
  • Conforms to NCHRP 350 and MUTCD standards
  • Panels available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-foot standard lengths
  • Panels and legs available for purchase separately or together
  • Legs stack for easy storage
  • Panels available with Engineer, High Intensity or Diamond Grade sheeting