Traffic Camera System

Traffic Camera Systems provide high-quality real-time video and still images over the Internet. Using remote-control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, DOTs and enforcement officials can keep track of traffic conditions, supervise work sites and verify incidents remotely.

These portable systems combine state-of-the-art camera technology with solar-powered trailers to provide real-time views of the entire work site and connecting roads. Each system can incorporate as many cameras as needed, and a variety of systems are available to meet different specifications and price points.

  • The Streaming Camera Wall allows streaming through multiple cameras for simultaneously monitoring multiple areas.
  • Simple control systems deliver 360-degree views
  • Web-based system allows 24/7 viewing and control, which can be password protected.
  • Designed to operate without charging, reducing costly and time-consuming recharging trips.
  • Quick and easy setup requires no special skills.

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