Temporary Traffic Tape

High-Quality Temporary Pavement Markings for Washington and Oregon Roads

Product Composition:
Our removable pavement marking tape and symbols are crafted from a blend of polymeric compounds, incorporating glass spheres within the film and a layer of beads on the top surface. These compounds are colored in white or yellow and adhere to a non-metallic reinforced backing. To ensure adherence to both bituminous and Portland cement concrete surfaces, a pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the film’s reverse side, allowing for later removal.

Physical Properties:

  • Surface Compatibility: To achieve consistent adhesion, the surface should be devoid of dirt, gravel, oily residues, and other materials that might prevent proper bonding. For optimal results, air temperature should be above 60°F, surface temperature above 70°F, and the area should be dry for at least 24 hours before application.
  • Skid Resistance: Our product possesses an initial minimum skid resistance value of 50 BPN (tested as per ASTM E-303).
  • Removability: Our removable markings can be taken off asphalt or concrete surfaces seamlessly, even at temperatures above 40°F, without needing heat, solvents, or other removal techniques.

Product Description:
This removable pavement marking tape offers high reflectivity and durability, making it an ideal choice for construction and detour areas in Washington and Oregon that require markings temporarily. These markings can be easily removed when no longer needed. With its built-in pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, it comes in multiple roll widths and standard legends and symbols. Once applied, the road can be immediately reopened to traffic.

Reflectance Properties:
Our marking tape is retroreflective, producing white or yellow reflections. It’s especially visible during nighttime when illuminated by vehicle headlights. The reflective values, gauged using ASTM E 1710, are:

  • Dry Reflective Value (White): 700 mcd/m²/lux
  • Dry Reflective Value (Yellow): 500 mcd/m²/lux
  • Wet Reflective Value (White): 200 mcd/m²/lux (tested under ASTM E2177 in lab conditions)
  • Wet Reflective Value (Yellow): 150 mcd/m²/lux (tested under ASTM E2177 in lab conditions)

Storage Recommendations:
Store the pavement marking tapes indoors in a cool and dry location. For best results, use within one year of purchase.