Smart Work Zone Systems

Wanco Smart Work Zone Systems help keep roads safe by providing motorists with real-time traffic updates as they approach a work zone. Hybrid systems combine technology such as radar, Bluetooth, video cameras and computer systems for monitoring and communicating updates to drivers when there are hazardous or unexpected driving conditions. The technologies work together as one cohesive unit in order to provide the safest work zone possible. Every system is custom-designed by experts who understand the intricacies, needs and risks involved.

  • Trucks Entering Highway Warning Systems identifies when construction vehicles are leaving a worksite and entering the highway to warn drivers of oncoming vehicles
  • Queue Detection & Warning System identifies stopped or slowed traffic in real time to warn drivers ahead of time and prevent accidents
  • Travel Time Measurement System uses sensors to calculate accurate travel times and dynamic messaging to communicate those times to drivers
  • Traffic Camera System provides remote monitoring of the site and roads so that incidents can be quickly identified and cleared
  • 24/7 online access is available for monitoring and controlling the entire system from any location
  • Automatic alerts can send real-time updates to the contractors and DOT personnel via email or text
  • All systems can work together seamlessly

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