SLIP SAFE SUPREME 360° Breakaway System

360° Breakaway System for Mid-size Sign Supports.

Mid-size sign installation no longer requires digging holes, setting posts, pouring concrete, cranes and a future trip to the job site to complete the job. The cost-effective SLIP-SAFE SUPREME can be installed – or reinstalled – in less than a day. A base post is a direct-drive unit (composed of two RIB-BAKs bolted together) that doesn’t require concrete support in strong soil conditions. And SLIP-SAFE SUPREME exceeds crash impact standards by more than 200 percent.

System features include: 

  • Base and top posts are composed of two RIB-BAKs bolted together
  • Specially designed castings are bolted to the top and bottom posts
  • These assemblies are bolted together with U-washers, with a keeper plate in between
  • All assembly uses basic hand or power tools
  • Installation costs dramatically lower than conventional mid-size signposts
  • In most cases, the entire system is reusable after it’s hit, including the base post, attachment hardware, casting and top post. Stub repair is usually unnecessary
  • SLIP-SAFE SUPREME offers exceptional driver safety because it exceeds crash impact standards by more than 200 percent
  • NCHRP criteria for occupant impact velocity have established a maximum of five meters per second, with three meters per second preferred. In field tests, the SLIP-SAFE cut the preferred occupant impact velocity in half