Pilor Car Mount

Stay visible, stay safe with our Pilot Car Mount designed for efficient oversize load signaling. Whether you’re navigating through city streets or cruising on the highway, this kit ensures you’re clearly visible and compliant with transport regulations.


  • Oversize Load Sign: 60”x10” 2-sided sign boldly displaying “Oversize Load” ensures clarity for following vehicles.
  • Mounting System: Set of black mounting hooks accompanied by 4 suction cups guarantee firm attachment, reducing the risk of in-transit mishaps.
  • Signal Flags: 2 vibrant mesh flags with sturdy wood staffs enhance visibility.
  • Securing Straps: 4 black nylon straps with buckles to fasten and secure the entire setup, ensuring it stays in place even in challenging conditions.
  • Amber Beacons: 2 pole mount low profile amber beacons offer an added layer of safety, ensuring you’re seen even in low light conditions.
  • Quick Connect: Features 2 “T” brackets for swift and effortless connection, making the setup and takedown process a breeze.

Ensure that your oversize load is transported with the utmost safety and compliance using our Pilot Car Mount. Invest in security, visibility, and reliability.