Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign

In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs are intended for use at un-signalized crosswalks to provide an additional measure of safety.  Signs in the street are more noticeable than signs by the side of the road.  They have been shown to reduce speeds and encourage drivers to yield to pedestrians.  The signs can be installed with either a portable or fixed base. Sign dimensions are 12″x36″ and the color is fluorescent yellow-green with 10″x24″ white high intensity insert.

Our crosswalk signs are easy to use and there is something available for every budget. These products include:

  • Self-righting Yield-to-Pedestrian R1-6 sign on fixed or portable rubber bases
  • Self-righting STOP-for-Pedestrian R1-6A sign on fixed or portable rubber bases
  • Reduced Size School Advance Warning S1-1 In-Street Signs on portable rubber base

In-street pedestrian crossing signs have the greatest safety impact when utilized during peak pedestrian use. The Green Cross In-Street system is most effective on unsignalized low-speed two-lane streets. The mobility of the system allows it to be taken in and out of the street during the school day.

Key Features of Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs

  • Fluorescent yellow-green safety posts
  • Flexible, durable signs made of micro-prismatic sheeting
  • Fixed or portable rubber bases