Parking Lot Sign Post

Easy install, UV-stable, lightweight and maintenance free X-Tube or Y-Tube post and parking lot base.

The Pexco Parking Lot Sign Post System allows for rapid installation of lightweight, durable plastic sign posts.

Less expensive than steel, the system takes only minutes to install and will last for years.  These posts bend when struck, return to vertical and won’t damage vehicles like steel posts.

The white X-Tube Post is a 1.75″ square post supported by two internal, corner-to-corner reinforcing cross beams.  Made from UV-stabilized polymers, the posts offer superior impact resistance and withstand all weather conditions.

the Y-Tube Post is also a 1.75″ square post.  It’s made from an engineering thermoplastic resin and is available in a rainbow of colors for enhanced visibility.

Also available with 35# portable rubber base for temporary signage.