625 Series Strobe Light

The 625 series represents a superb range of strobe lights, known for their impressive brightness, robust performance, and budget-friendly nature. This line features multi-voltage quad flash (Q625) and double flash (DFS625) strobe lights. The Q625 delivers an outstanding 75 quad flashes per minute for an attention-grabbing display, while the DFS625 maintains the same housing but produces 75 double flashes per minute. Additionally, the DFS625 is also available in a 120V AC variant.

Key Features:

  • High Visibility: These strobe lights are designed for maximum brightness and visibility.
  • Quad and Double Flash Options: Choose between quad flash and double flash variations based on your signaling needs.
  • Multi-Voltage: Operable at 12/24V for versatility.
  • Black ABS Base: Comes standard with a black ABS plastic base for durability.
  • Fresnel Lens: Equipped with a fresnel lens to optimize light output.
  • Optional Enhancements: The 625 series offers optional flange mount bases and 6″ tall domes for increased light output and a heightened profile.
  • 625P Strobe Lights: The 625P strobe lights feature a 1/2″ pipe mount plate integrated into the base of the light.


  • Lens Colors: Available in Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, and Red, catering to various preferences.
  • Operating Voltage: Compatible with both 12/24V power sources for flexibility.
  • Rated Current: Draws a mere 0.9 Amperes, ensuring efficient power consumption.
  • Flashes per Minute (FPM): Offers a remarkable 75 double flashes per minute (DFS) for effective signaling.
  • Light Output: Shines brilliantly with an output of 800 candelas per second for maximum visibility.
  • Joule Rating – Output Energy: Generates a powerful 10 Joules of output energy for compelling illumination.
  • Mounting: Features a 1/2″ pipe mount for easy installation.
  • Dimensions: With a diameter of 5.5 inches and a height of 6.25 inches, it strikes a balance between size and performance.
  • Bulb Part #: The bulb part number is L3-77, ensuring compatibility.
  • UL Listed: Not UL listed.

Upgrade your signaling solutions with the 625 Series, known for its luminosity, versatility, and economical appeal. Contact us to explore your options and request a tailored quote to meet your specific requirements.