Load Height Measuring Pole

Introducing “The Rattler” High Pole with an audible warning – Now Available in Gray, Yellow, and Pink!

If you’ve been searching for a dependable high pole, look no further. “The Rattler” High Pole, offers outstanding performance and features to meet your needs.

Here are the key points:

  • It’s made of non-conductive fiberglass and can extend up to 23 feet.
  • You can add extensions (sold separately) to reach up to 30 feet.
  • The unique “Rattler Tip” makes a sound when it touches something, enhancing safety.
  • It’s flexible enough to bend up to 180 degrees but remains sturdy, even at high speeds and in windy conditions.
  • The locking collars are user-friendly, making it easy to use without struggling with twist lock connectors.
  • It fits standard 2″ mounts, just like other brands.
  • The Gray version blends in with the background, reducing distractions and driver fatigue. The Yellow one stands out, which is great for new drivers.
  • All colors come with a high-visibility rattler tip with reflective markings.
  • It comes with worm gear clamps for added safety, and hand-tighten t-bolt clamps are available separately.
  • You can also get a convenient carry bag (sold separately).