LED Stop / Slow Paddle

Navigating through the diverse traffic conditions of Washington and Oregon, there’s an evident need for heightened safety measures, especially in construction or high-traffic zones. Introducing our LED STOP/SLOW Paddle – a solution tailor-made for these regions’ unique demands.

Key Features:

  • Durable Material: Crafted from high-quality ABS, ensuring longevity.
  • Size Variability: Available in both 18″ and 24″ dimensions.
  • Reflectivity: Multiple reflective sheeting options to choose from, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Adaptable Handling: Opt between a 2-part PVC staff (12″ handle & 60″ or 72″ staff) or a singular non-retractable 60″ staff.
  • Power Source: Powered by 3 C-Batteries (not included).
  • Proudly Made in America.

Enhancing Flagger Safety:

  • Early Alerts: Our paddle’s design aims to notify drivers in advance, giving them more time to stop as they approach a work zone.
  • Combat Driver Distraction: The alternating flashing lights embedded within the sign act as instant visual cues, helping counteract the prevalent issue of driver distraction.
  • Elevated Visibility: Utilize the staff to lift the sign to an optimal height, ensuring drivers react promptly.
  • Premium Materials: Incorporates hi-visibility gear, retro-reflective sheeting, and roll-up vinyl signs suitable for different times of the day.

Why Opt for LED? LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is approximately 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. It functions when an electrical current illuminates a microchip, producing visible light. The resulting heat is safely absorbed into a heat sink, ensuring performance longevity.

Additional Uses: These illuminated paddles aren’t just for roadwork. They’re also invaluable for crossing guards, ensuring children’s safety in high traffic regions.

Why Choose Our LED STOP/SLOW Paddle? With sales offices across America and unmatched customer service, we’re committed to ensuring the safety of Washington and Oregon’s roads. Experience fast shipping, top-tier services, and the opportunity for product demos where available. These paddles not only ensure safety but also provide ergonomic benefits for work zone personnel.

To prioritize safety in Washington and Oregon’s dynamic environments, incorporating our LED STOP/SLOW Paddle is a proactive step forward.

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