Insect Proof Sign Post

Because you don’t need all those holes! We asked highway engineers, designers, and installers across the country how to improve sign support systems and the most common response was: “We don’t need all those holes.” The typical twelve-foot post has 564 holes, but in most cases only two to four holes are required. You talked, we listened.

  • Continuous punching from either end in increments of six on two or four sides
  • Custom drilling available to your exact location and required hole size
  • Available on all base posts, including the Penetrator
  • Higher wind load capability minimizes the number of holes punched in the tube and makes it stronger; it will hold more sign area than totally perforated posts
  • Better aesthetic value – reduces unsightly holes that are susceptible to premature rusting
  • Less holes means less places for bees, hornets and other insects to nest in