Hinged Barrier Reflectors

Pexco’s unique polyurethane “Gator Jaws” hinge allows the reflector to bend down and spring back into an upright position upon impact. This marker will continue to rebound time after time, providing reliable delineation and reducing the need for maintenance.

  • The design of the “Gator Jaws” hinge creates both a chemical and mechanical bond between the hinge, the base, and the reflective panel. The “teeth” of the jaws provide a 500 percent increase in the bonding surface area. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, the polyurethane hinge remains flexible. The result is long-lasting, impact resistant performance.

“Gator Jaws” are built into three models of PCBMs: the PCBM-T9, PCBM-T12 and PCBM-T16. Each of these models is available in a variety of reflective sheeting to comply with local specifications.

Key features of the PCBMs:

  • Built with “Gator Jaws” hinge to provide years of service in the field
  • PCBM bases are pre-drilled for adhesive or bolt mounting
  • Use our specially formulated adhesive 795A for a quick, reliable and less labor intensive installation
  • Available in 3 standard sizes
  • PCBMs are available in 3 grades of reflective sheeting: AR 1000, Diamond Grade and Flexible High Intensity
  • PCBMs meet specifications nationwide!

Technical Aides

Product Information Sheets:

PCBM Barrier Markers Overview
PCBM Options & Applications

Installation Procedures:
PCBM Installation Procedures