HI Vis No Cut Gloves

The MaxiFlex Ultimate Hi-Vis Gloves are your go-to hand protection solution, offering exceptional grip and high visibility in a striking hi-vis yellow color. These gloves feature a specialized Nitrile Coated MicroFoam Grip on the palm and fingers, ensuring a secure hold even in demanding work environments. Whether you’re handling delicate tasks or working with heavier materials, the microfoam coating provides the dexterity and control needed to get the job done efficiently.

Available in a range of sizes from Small (S) to Extra, Extra Large (XXL), these gloves are designed to cater to various hand sizes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. The hi-vis yellow color not only enhances visibility but also adds an element of safety, making them ideal for use in situations where being noticed is crucial. Whether you’re working in construction, automotive, manufacturing, or any other industry, the MaxiFlex Ultimate Hi-Vis Gloves offer a blend of protection, grip, and visibility to keep your hands safe and productive.

These gloves are the ultimate choice for those who demand both performance and safety from their hand protection. With the nitrile-coated MicroFoam grip, you can handle tasks with precision, even in challenging conditions. The hi-vis yellow color ensures you remain visible, an important factor in environments where safety is a top priority. The availability of various sizes means you can find the perfect fit, guaranteeing comfort and control. The MaxiFlex Ultimate Hi-Vis Gloves are a versatile solution for a wide range of industries and applications, helping you work confidently and securely.

  • Grip: Nitrile Coated MicroFoam Grip on Palm & Fingers
  • Color: Hi-Vis Yellow
  • Available Sizes: Small (S) – Extra, Extra Large (XXL)