Crowd Control Barricade

Secure your event or construction site with the robust 8 ft LineGuard S-400, a metal barricade synonymous with strength and reliability. Crafted from heavy-duty 16 gauge steel, this formidable barricade is designed to stand the test of time and withstand the rigors of heavy use in both public and private spaces.

The LineGuard S-400’s long 8-foot length provides extensive coverage, making it ideal for directing crowds, traffic control, or securing restricted areas. Its interlocking design ensures that you can create a continuous barrier of any length, while the flat feet provide stability on a variety of surfaces, from concrete to grass.

Whether you’re managing a busy festival or safeguarding a construction zone, the LineGuard S-400 delivers the dependable barrier solution you need. Its durable construction guarantees a high level of security, making it an essential component for any safety or crowd management toolkit.