Economy Low-Profile LED Mini-Bar

Enhance your visibility and safety with our economical low-profile LED light bar, designed to meet a range of lighting needs. This versatile light bar seamlessly cycles through three pre-programmed flash patterns, providing optimal functionality for various applications. It is suitable for permanent mounting.

Key Features:

  • Economical Brilliance: This low-profile LED mini-bar is designed for cost-effective excellence.
  • Wide-Angle Viewing: Improved wide-angle viewing enhances safety and visibility in diverse settings.
  • Operating Voltage: Versatile compatibility with 12/24V power sources.
  • LED Color: Amber, ensuring conspicuous illumination.
  • Dome Color: Clear, for maximum light transmission.
  • Current Draw: With a current draw of 2.8 A, it balances performance and efficiency.
  • Flash Pattern: User-selectable flash patterns for tailored operation.
  • Compact Design: Measuring 17.25 inches in length, 2.75 inches in height, and 9.4 inches in depth, it fits various setups.
  • Warranty: Please note that warranty coverage is available for US sales only.

In addition to these features, you have the option to customize the LED and dome colors to suit your specific needs. For additional details, including color options and pricing, kindly reach out to us.

Elevate your lighting setup with the 12/24V Economy Low-Profile LED Light Bar. It’s the economical solution that doesn’t compromise on performance and safety. Contact us today to explore your options and request a quote.