Low Profile LED Micro-Mini Bar

This remarkable mini-bar is characterized by its sleek, low-profile design, illuminated entirely by energy-efficient LEDs. It provides multiple pattern options, including simulated revolving and random flashing sequences. The construction features a durable polycarbonate dome and a robust painted steel base. The standard configuration is available in 12V, while a 24V unit or a magnetic mount can be provided upon request.

Key Features:

  • Pattern Variety: Choose from a selection of captivating patterns, which includes simulated revolving lights and random flash sequences.
  • Sturdy Build: Crafted with a robust polycarbonate dome and a painted steel base for long-lasting durability.
  • Voltage Options: The standard unit operates at 12V, but a 24V unit is available upon request for specific requirements.
  • Magnetic Mount: Opt for a magnetic mounting option to enhance flexibility.
  • TRL and AGP Technology: Incorporates cutting-edge “TRL” and “AGP” technology for enhanced performance.
  • Optimized LED Output: Maximizes LED light output for superior visibility.
  • Customizable LED Colors: Additional LED colors are available under a clear dome. Please contact us for information on color options and pricing.