7660 RotoLED™ Series – SAE Class I LED Hybrid Rotator

Introducing the 7660 RotoLED™ Series – SAE Class I LED Hybrid Rotator

ECCO’s 7660 RotoLED™ Series is a groundbreaking combination of cutting-edge LED technology and the unmistakable warning signal of a rotator, all without compromising reliability. This hybrid beacon leverages innovative LED technology, featuring a brushless magnetic drive system that elegantly spins the reflector disk, not only ensuring quieter operation but also eliminating the typical motor and gear drawbacks associated with conventional rotators.

Key Features:

  • TIR Optic for SAE Class I Output: The 7660 RotoLED™ beacon incorporates Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optics to produce a powerful SAE Class I light output. Whether you need to catch attention during the day or night, this beacon ensures your warning signal won’t go unnoticed.
  • Service-Free Longevity: ECCO understands the value of durability. The 7660 RotoLED™ Series offers an extended, service-free life, saving you maintenance headaches and costs over time.
  • Efficient Power Usage: With its low amp draw, this LED hybrid rotator doesn’t strain your vehicle’s electrical system while still delivering impressive visibility.
  • 5-Year Warranty: ECCO stands behind the reliability of the 7660 RotoLED™ beacon with a confidence-boosting 5-year warranty.


  • Color: Amber
  • Flash Pattern: 1 Flash Pattern, Two Speeds
  • Approval: SAE Class I, CA T13, CE, UKCA, R10, R65, IP67, ROHS
  • Dimensions: Height 6.2 inches, Length / Width 6.5 inches
  • Voltage: 12-24 V

The 7660 RotoLED™ Series is the ideal choice when you demand top-tier visibility, longevity, and efficiency. With its unmistakable warning signal, cutting-edge LED technology, and ECCO’s commitment to quality, this beacon is the ultimate solution for safety and visibility needs.