42″ Cones

Re-routing traffic has never been safer than with 42″ channelizer cones. Their trim-line design provides compact delineation, which is ideal for detours, construction projects, concerts, sporting events, airports and many more applications.

These durable and highly visible cones come with or without reflective sheeting. A tapered, fracture-resistant handle provides for added strength, easy pickup and the mounting of lights, signs and other accessories. The vertical sheeting surface has a five-tier, telescopic design, which promotes ease of stacking. Anti-rotation ribs at the bottom make for a stable, secure attachment to the base. A rugged, recycled rubber base provides stability and support with designed-in features to enhance skid resistance, stacking and handling.

Features and Benefits:

• Maximum visibility
• Five-tier design
• Multi-purpose handle
• Multi-purpose handle
• Easy transport
• Secure rubber base, 16# or 30#
• Fracture-resistant handle
• Locking base
• Mount for lights, signs, vertical panels

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