Enhancing Equipment Safety with Bollard Installation by National Barricade & Sign Co. of Spokane

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In the heart of Spokane, the National Barricade & Sign Co. has been a beacon of innovation and reliability in the field of equipment safety and protection. Recognized for their expertise in bollard installation, they have become the go-to service for businesses seeking to protect their assets from vehicular damage. This case study examines the effectiveness of their bollard installation services in enhancing the safety of valuable equipment.

Client Needs

Businesses in Spokane have been facing increasing challenges in safeguarding their equipment against accidents and potential vehicular threats. With the rising costs associated with equipment damage, companies have been searching for a dependable solution to protect their assets while maintaining the aesthetics of their premises.

Solution Provided

National Barricade & Sign Co. responded to this need by offering tailored bollard installation services. Their approach involves a thorough analysis of the client’s site, identifying the key areas where equipment was most vulnerable. The solution was to install high-visibility, durable bollards capable of withstanding significant impact.


The installation process began with selecting the optimal placement for each bollard, ensuring they served as an effective barrier without impeding operational flow. The bollards were anchored deeply into the ground for robust stability and painted in bright yellow with reflective striping to ensure high visibility at all times. The National Barricade & Sign Co. team demonstrated precision and attention to detail throughout the installation process, ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s daily operations.


Post-installation, the businesses reported a significant decrease in near-misses and accidental collisions, crediting the strategically placed bollards for this improvement. The bollards not only provided a physical barrier but also acted as a visual cue for drivers, enhancing overall safety. The durability and placement of the bollards ensured that they effectively protected the equipment without the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Client Feedback

Clients expressed their gratitude towards National Barricade & Sign Co., highlighting their reliance on the company for providing a service that not only protected their equipment but also contributed to the overall safety of the premises. The professional installation and the quality of the bollards received high praise, with many clients noting the added peace of mind they experienced knowing their assets were well-protected.


National Barricade & Sign Co. of Spokane has set a high standard in equipment safety solutions with their bollard installation services. Their commitment to providing custom-tailored, reliable, and visible safety measures has earned them a trusted place in the Spokane business community. The success of their installations is evident in the satisfaction of their clients and the tangible reduction of damage to valuable equipment.

Future Outlook

Building on this success, National Barricade & Sign Co. is looking to expand their services, introducing innovative safety solutions and continuing to work closely with businesses to meet the evolving needs of equipment safety and protection.

This case study serves as a compelling example of how National Barricade & Sign Co. has effectively addressed the safety concerns of businesses in Spokane, solidifying their role as a key player in the safety and protection industry.

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